This week, Joe Dallas, a hall-of-fame guest on the Bible Answer Man broadcast, joins Hank Hanegraaff on Hank Unplugged to discuss Christian perspectives on human sexuality and how to convey the heart of God while speaking the truth in love.

Topics discussed include: Joe’s transition into and out of a gay lifestyle (8:00); the issue of gender fluidity and the fallacy of feelings as a legitimate basis for individuals to “speak things into existence” (21:00); cultural capitulation in the church (35:00); the impending sexual Tower of Babel that gender fluidity represents and the social confusion it causes (44:00); how to handle difficult questions about homosexuality and God’s will (49:00); the importance of Christians standing up for their convictions in the face of persecution (52:00); and ways Christians can reach, as opposed to repel, when it comes to issues of human sexuality (59:00).




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