Hank Hanegraaff, the host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast and the Hank Unplugged podcast, reflects on what could cause someone to blow themselves up and kill so many others in the process. According to the Qur’an, women are promised to suicide bombers as soon as they depart this life. And these women, known as houris, do not sleep, get pregnant, menstruate, spit, blow their noses, or ever get sick, and these “good and lovely, buxom and virginal” women are created specifically as a reward for males of the Muslim community who have been faithful to Allah. Qur’anic descriptions of the houris are particularly intoxicating to modern-day Islamic jihadists. Tragically, most Muslims, like these young Islamic jihadists, are blithely unaware that the sensual visions of paradise that inflame and inform their lusts emanate from the fertile imaginations of mere people—a bankrupt Zoroastrian eschatology.




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