Christian philosopher Paul Gould joins Hank on this edition of the Hank Unplugged podcast to discuss the role of philosophy for Christians in the world today. This conversation is wide ranging and offers clear answers to complex philosophical questions concerning how Christians should live their lives.

Topics discussed include: why should Christians care about philosophy? (5:00); the role philosophy should play in our spiritual formation (9:15); the intellectual brilliance of Jesus that so many often overlook (11:00); the importance of being intentionally countercultural with our kids in the information age (15:40); how can we break down barriers to independent thought? (23:00); the need for intellectual virtue and the potential danger of arrogance in the apologetics community (26:00); anti-intellectualism and The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (30:00); the need for Christians to recapture a sacramental view of the world in order to argue effectively Christianity as a public truth claim (32:15); a simple way to explain complex words in philosophy (35:45); Gould’s definition of philosophy and how he arrived at his conclusion (38:25); understanding Jesus as He truly is (44:45); dealing with historical and biblical illiteracy today (47:00); making an argument for the existence of God (49:45); intentionally asking ourselves the question, “Where is God’s fingerprint in your life today?” (53:15); the moral argument for the existence of God (57:00); learning from crisis moments in our lives (58:05); the perfect blend of reason and romance in Christianity (1:03:25); practical steps we all can take to grow philosophically (1:07:05); breaking the bonds technology can have on us (1:09:05); re-establishing the Christian voice (1:12:00); how philosophy trains us for death (1:15:25).




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