Prayer Corners Around the World

Join the Orthodox Christian Network #prayercornerchallenge by posting a picture or video of your prayer corner as a post or story. The main requirement is that you NOT appear in it. The goal is to flood Facebook with #prayercornermovement to give a twist on the situation we’re going through.

Let’s travel virtually around the world to see each others prayer corners & together share the beauty of our Orthodox faith. #prayercornerchallenge (tag friends to challenge). Let us continue to bring #prayer in a time of uncertainty.

Please tag someone to challenge and @myOCN

A common practice for Orthodox Christians is having a prayer corner in one’s home. A prayer corner can be as little as a shelf with a few icons to as large as an entire room dedicated to the icons of our saints. These corners include icons, incense burners, candles, etc. The purpose is to give you a place for prayer,  a quiet place for you and your family to foster your faith.

We have the best followers on Social Media!  They are so excited about living their Orthodox faith. We invite you to share your prayer corners with us. We will be sharing these videos & photography with our viewers across the world. Sharing the beauty of our Orthodox faith. Please tag #myOCN or email us your prayer corner: with a little information on who you are and where you are sharing from. Let us continue to bring prayer in a time of uncertainty.

Here are a few examples:


“Hi! My name is Bogdan. I’m from Romania and this is my prayer corner!”



This is a prayer corner shared with us. Thank you Barsoum!


PRAYER CORNER_Argentina_JuanCarlos_3

This is Juan Carlos’ prayer corner in Argentina. God Bless!



A beautiful prayer corner from Krasi in Bulgaria.


Cristian from Romania.

My name is Cristian from Romania. I am Orthodox by birth but it was only after I turned 30 that I became aware of the great treasure of my Orthodox heritage.

Prayer Corner from Georgia

I am Mariam! This is My Prayer Corner from Georgia.


prayer corner moms

This is my mother’s prayer wall. She wakes up every morning and prays—she has been persevering in this practice for years!

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