Orthodox Australian filmmakers Stephan and Andrew, ‘The Brothers Robinson’, have returned with another short film influenced by their Orthodox faith. A few years ago they appeared on OCN for a film entitled ‘The Alternate’, an artistic piece that took inspiration from the Transfiguration story.

Resurrection is a short film built on their faith, for this year’s Easter period. Working almost as a two-part project, the shorts (than 2 minutes) focus on Christ’s resurrection.

The Robinsons created this film with help from their friends around the world in the form of the Resurrection Troparion recorded in 15 separate languages. The film beautifully weaves together an image of an international community of Christians honoring the Feast of Feasts. The film’s visuals are inspired by the account of John and Peter racing to the empty tomb of Jesus, while also portraying a modern take of two Christians (played by the brothers themselves) racing to witness the power of the resurrection.

In Stephan’s words there are a few things of interest to look out for in the film, “For ‘Resurrection’ we tried to wear colors that were representative of the apostles in Orthodox iconography. It varies, but we found many instances of Peter wearing a yellow outer garment over a blue inner one, and John wearing orange over green. Those are the colors we use in the film but with modern clothes. It’s an allegory of the two apostles reaching the tomb, while also an allegory of every Christian’s witnessing of the Resurrection

“There’s a direct visual image of the stone cross, in ‘Resurrection’, it opens the film. It’s symbolic of the Cross being the means through which death was defeated, and that the Resurrection is the proof of it.”

Resurrection features the troparion in (order of appearance) Slavonic, Hungarian, Japanese, French, German, Swahili, Arabic, Norwegian, Serbian, Greek, Lugandan, Swedish, Spanish and Romanian. The brothers simply wrote to friends around the world and the recordings came in. “It was unexpectedly beautiful,” said Stephan, “An inspiring reminder of how global our faith is!”

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