Have you ever packed for a trip? Maybe you’ve packed for a camping trip, even if it was just to camp out in your own backyard. When you pack, you have to think about what you need, and what you’ll use that equipment for.

In the epistle reading today, we hear about how God equips us too. He gives us what we need for life! The epistle says, “Now may the God of peace… equip you with everything good, that you may do His will, working in you that which is pleasing in His sight, through Jesus Christ.” We ask God to equip us. We ask Him to give us everything good.

But…did you read the rest of the sentence? We ask God to give us these good things so that we may do God’s will. We want God to give us good things so God can work in us. We want God to give us everything good so we can do what is pleasing to God.

We ask our parents for all kinds of things. And, when we pray, we ask God for all kinds of things too. But, let’s remember that we ask for good things so that we can do what God wants. We use our equipment, “everything good” so God can work in us. We want to do what is pleasing to God!

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Do you remember people who do nice things for you? Yes, of course we do! Even if a stranger does something for us, we remember it. And if a friend does something for us, we remember it too. Everybody remembers Saint Nicholas, because Saint Nicholas has helped so many people. He helped people when he lived over 1,700 years ago, and he still helps people today!

He even listens to our prayers too. Not so long ago, there was a big icon of Saint Nicholas in a train station in China. People would pray to Saint Nicholas as they passed by. (A train station is a good place for a Saint Nicholas icon, because Saint Nicholas especially helps travelers).

We celebrate St. Nicholas, December 6th (OC: Dec. 19th).



Presvytera Alexandra Houck

Presvytera Alexandra Houck created The Children's Word bulletin so children will know they are not only welcome in church, but even more, an essential part of the Church family. She hopes the weekly bulletin will be just one more way we can make kids feel at home in church. Presvytera Alexandra is a graduate of Duke University and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. Her husband, Fr. Jason Houck, is a priest at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, MN. Presvytera Alexandra and Fr. Jason have five small children: Lydia, Paul, Silas, Philip, and Sarah. Presvytera Alexandra grew up attending Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Asheville, North Carolina with her nine siblings.


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