WASHINGTON, D.C., July 18, 2023 – The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN), a nonprofit ministry communicating the beauty and richness of the Orthodox Christian faith to believers and seekers, today is pleased to announce the launch of the ministry’s re-imagined website designed to create a sustainable and effective online witness for Orthodox Christianity throughout North America and around the world.

“The Orthodox church is a 2,000-year-old community for anyone longing to connect with the faith of those who knew and walked beside Jesus Christ, Our Lord. By leveraging new technology, our mobile-friendly site features a range of new and redesigned resources including inspiring articles, videos, podcast episodes, user-friendly navigation, FAQ for new believers, and more,” said Rev. Dr. Christopher T. Metropulos, Executive Director of the Orthodox Christian Network. “Our new site will make us a premier online platform with access to learn more about the fullest life through a timeless faith. We are excited to better serve those who are seeking the faith and to reach further and wider than we ever have before.”

The Orthodox Christian Network was founded in 1995 by Fr. Christopher Metropulos as a way to bring Jesus Christ to local parishes through high-quality programs and media tools. Now reaching 1 million people a month in more than 190 countries, OCN is a ministry for anyone longing to connect with the faith of those who knew and walked beside Jesus, whether exploring Orthodox Christianity for the first time or as a lifelong member of an Orthodox parish. The Orthodox Christian Church is the oldest Christian Church in the world.

“We follow the faith and worship practiced by the Earliest Church, including the apostles. And as we are faced with more trials in our world outside of our earthly control, God offers something the world can never give – hope,” Metropulos continued.

The Orthodox Christian Network (OCN) is an Affiliated Ministry of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America and is a 100% donor-supported ministry.




OCN Team is comprised of these gifted authors, teachers, thinkers, priests, parents, young adults and human beings at the Orthodox Christian Network.


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