Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Hank Unplugged podcast, responds to an article—a testimonial of a mother—in Insider, titled, “My Toddler Came Out as Trans at Age 4. He’s So Much Happier Now.” The anonymous author explains, “My son started telling me he was a boy a few months before he turned 2.” Then her toddler didn’t like her hair and didn’t have peace until she was given a boy haircut. “The short hair turned quickly into ‘boy’ clothing and underwear. From sitting to pee to trying to stand while peeing.” Different gender pronouns were preferred and so was a different name—“the name he chose for himself.” All of this, the enthusiastic and hope-filled mother tells us, has been a “sacred” journey. That little child—who months prior to reaching her second birthday knew that she was a boy—has a life ahead of her. And our hearts break. How does a girl become a boy? Can you change your biological sex? For the first time in history, we’re talking about decoupling biological sex and gender. Hard reality remains, however, that while you can mask biology, you can’t change it. We cannot magically transform female (XX) chromosomes into male (XY). Yet the publication of such an article is an attempt to enthuse others into allowing their toddlers to make decisions that will determine the rest of their lives. Western culture is truly at a tipping point.




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