Hank Hanegraaff is joined by Dr. Casey Luskin, associate director of Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, and author of “Lessons Learned (and Not Learned) from the Evangelical Debate Over Adam and Eve” in the upcoming issue of the Christian Research Journal. Hank and Dr. Luskin discuss why so many Christians are so quick to abandon the belief of a historical Adam and Eve, theistic evolution, evolutionary creationism, the argument that human genetic diversity can’t be explained by an original Adam and Eve and more.

Topics discussed include: The debate over Adam and Eve—Why are so many Christians today eager to abandon a historical Adam and Eve? (9:15); theistic evolution (12:40); evolutionary creationism (16:35); could Adam and Eve alone have produced the genetic diversity in our world? (18:05); why do so many Christians feel the need to conform their religious beliefs to the popular scientific consensus of the day? (25:05); different ways to view the relationship between religion and science (30:00); William Lane Craig and his book In Quest of the Historical Adam (33:45); the problem with consensus science (42:20); how can we discern how and when to question consensus science? (48:25); the sociology and politicization of science (52:45); is Intelligent Design just a “God of the gaps” argument? (57:45); eugenics as an example of the problem with consensus science (1:02:00); junk DNA and common descent (1:05:25); Darwin’s Tree of Life (1:12:45); punctuated equilibrium (1:16:05); convergent evolution or common design? (1:20:45); misinformation regarding icons of evolution (1:26:25); how to educate children about the scie

As mentioned, Casey’s article will be in a forthcoming issue of the print version of the Christian Research Journal, to subscribe now to receive this when it comes out please click here. https://www.equip.org/product/crj-subscription/

​To read Hank’s From the President in the current issue (March 2022) of the Christian Research Journal, entitled, “Misreading the Book of Knowledge and the Book of Nature” please click here. https://www.equip.org/article/misreading-the-book-of-knowledge-and-the-book-of-nature/

Click here for a Special limited preview of the article, “Who Was Adam? (Summary Critique of William Lane Craig’s In Quest of the Historical Adam)”. https://www.equip.org/article/who-was-adam-a-book-review-of-in-quest-of-the-historical-adam-by-william-lane-craig-special-limited-preview/
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Also a great related resource is the Comprehensive Guide to Faith and Science, please click here for more information.https://www.equip.org/product/cri-resources-animal-algorithms-and-the-comprehensive-guide-to-science-and-faith-hup/

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