Hank Hanegraaff, president of the Christian Research Institute and host of the Bible Answer Man broadcast, ponders the Saints Valentine—in the plural because there were two! They had something in common. They were both imprisoned, tortured, and killed in the third century. They not only shared the same name, but in sharing the same fate, they became inspirational for Christians into the present day. One was a bishop. The other a presbyter. One was a healer. The other was a valiant defender of marriage. Our Lord Jesus Christ is the personification and paradigm of what is true love—and both saints stood for the truth of Christ no matter the cost. Two men who loved Truth enough to die to self, to live for God, to say that the institution of marriage was created, sustained, and given to us by God Himself. If you redefine marriage, you change the very essence of marriage. And so we remember both Valentines. Are we willing to stand for truth—particularly when it comes to marriage?




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