Can you count how many things in your house use electricity? The lights, the air conditioner, the oven, and so many other things. And don’t forget all the things that use batteries too. We
can’t see electricity, but it’s hard to live without it!

Today is the great feast of Pentecost. Today we celebrate how God sent the Holy Spirit to the disciples. We celebrate how God gives us the Holy Spirit too. The disciples saw the Holy Spirit in the form of flames of fire over their heads. We can’t see the Holy Spirit, but we know He is there. We can’t see the Holy Spirit, but as Christians, we can’t live without Him! Just as it’s hard to think of all the things in our house that use electricity, it’s hard for us to think of all the things the Holy Spirit does for us. We don’t even know everything that the Holy Spirit does! We read in the Gospel today that the Holy Spirit is like “rivers of living water.” It is strong and flowing everywhere! A special prayer we say to the Holy Spirit says He is “everywhere present and filling all things.” The Holy Spirit is everywhere!

Let’s ask God to always fill us with the Holy Spirit. That way, we always have God’s love in our hearts. And the Holy Spirit will help us use our gifts to serve God. What could be better than that?

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Do you share your name with somebody else? Probably. You might even have a kid in your class
with your same name. This week we remember two people who shared the same name, Julian. They both lived in the same city for a while. They both lived about 1,700 years ago. When they were little, they were both baptized Christians. But when they grew up, one Julian stayed faithful to God.

The other Julian turned His back on Him. The first Julian was our friend, the saint we remember
today. He got in trouble for being a Christian because the officials tried to get him to worship idols. But  even though they tried for a whole year, Saint Julian would not give up. He was hurt and tortured, but he looked to Christ for help. And even in the end, he stayed close to Christ.


Presvytera Alexandra Houck

Presvytera Alexandra Houck created The Children's Word bulletin so children will know they are not only welcome in church, but even more, an essential part of the Church family. She hopes the weekly bulletin will be just one more way we can make kids feel at home in church. Presvytera Alexandra is a graduate of Duke University and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology. Her husband, Fr. Jason Houck, is a priest at St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church in Minneapolis, MN. Presvytera Alexandra and Fr. Jason have five small children: Lydia, Paul, Silas, Philip, and Sarah. Presvytera Alexandra grew up attending Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Asheville, North Carolina with her nine siblings.


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