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Come Receive the Light - Greek

We Are the Fools, Εμείς οι άφρονες

  Εμείς οι άφρονες Είναι φορές που μοιάζουμε τόσο πολύ στους τύπους των ανθρώπων…

Nov 23, 2015
Orthodox Family & Faith

Insight to Adoption

November is National Adoption Month.  Jennifer Hock has joined Fr. Chris to share her experience as a foster and adoption parent in this episode of Orthodox…

Nov 20, 2015
Come Receive the Light

Are Guns the Answer?

    There is enough violence in the world.  And soon, it seems we will all need to carry a gun for self-defence.  Dr. David J Dunn whose writings…

Nov 19, 2015
Come Receive the Light - Greek

Strong in faith, Δυνατή στην πίστη

  Δυνατή στην πίστη Αυτή η εκπομπή προσφέρει δυο στάλες κουράγιο και δύναμη για όσους…

Nov 16, 2015
Come Receive the Light

It’s Too Soon for Christmas!

As we kick-off the Advent season, forty days before Christmas, we are sharing an archived program with Terry Mattingly.  Terry writes the nationally…

Nov 13, 2015
Come Receive the Light - Greek

The Wisdom According to Our Holy Fathers, Η σοφία των Πατέρων

Η σοφία των Πατέρων Μέσα στην καθημερινότητα μας ξεχνιόμαστε και αφήνουμε να μας παρασύρει…

Nov 09, 2015
Come Receive the Light

Philoptochos is an Example of Service

Jeannie Ranglas, President of the Metropolis of San Francisco Philoptochos, speaks with our host, Fr. Chris Metropulos, OCN’s Founding Father and the…

Nov 06, 2015
Come Receive the Light - Greek

Extensive crisis- Βιώνουμε πολυετή κρίση

Βιώνουμε πολυετή κρίση Η κρίση που μαστίζει τα τελευταία χρόνια όλη μας την ύπαρξη…

Oct 31, 2015
Come Receive the Light

An Epic Iconography Project

  Closing our six-part series on PISTEVO, the Art of Belief, we have Robert Augustinos, President of the Parish Council of Christ Our Savior, Greek…

Oct 30, 2015
Come Receive the Light

When Much Is Given, Philanthropy Is the Response

Saint John Chrysostom once said, “The rich man is not one who has much but one who gives much, for what he gives away remains his forever.”  We’ve…

Oct 23, 2015
Come Receive the Light - Greek

Ριζική Aναθεώρηση της Zωής Mας, Radical Revision of Our Lives

Η Εκκλησία σήμερα μας καλεί σε μια ριζική αναθεώρηση της ζωής μας. Αν νιώθουμε οτι είμαστε…

Oct 23, 2015
Come Receive the Light - Greek

Ο Ευαγγελιστής Λουκας, Luke the Evangelist

Παρουσιάζουμε ένα μικρό αφιέρωμα στον απόστολο και ευαγγελιστή Λουκά. This week’s program…

Oct 17, 2015